Wednesday, September 28, 2005

498 - I want to fight

Dear all,
My story is no different than anyone who has gone through or is going through the injustice of 498. I have read and spoken to a lot of people and every time i hear their plight, it reminds me of my own situation.

I'm not going to write what has happened; we all have read about it multiple times and know the pain first hand. I simply want to fight back.

Some things I have thought about:
* Lets get an activist group together in every city possible who will start protesting in front of the girls house as soon as a false complaint is made. This will give the guys troubled family hope if nothing else that there are people who believe that the injustice in done to them and not the other way round. It will also dampen the will of the girl and her family.

* Lets get some financial aid and free legal counsel for those who need it.

* Lets find ways to protect the job of the husband so at least he has a means of supporting his family.

* Lets discuss ways of how we can counter attack within the limits of the law. Maybe we can slap on them a case of extortion and blackmail. Maybe something even bigger.

* Lets try finding legal counsel ways to get bail or expose loop holes if there any under 498 which everyone can use to protect themselves and their family.

I'm trying to come-up with a step by step guide for people who are new to this world and find out the hard way what they should have done the moment anybody even whispers the word 498.

I know from my own experience that had I known a few things earlier I could have protected my family in a much more efficient way. All ideas are welcome, please write what has helped you in your process and I'll compile the final list for everyone.

"You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there."— Edwin Louis Cole

Best Wishes to all,